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CenteringPregnancy: Prenatal Care Like No Other

CenteringPregnancy: Prenatal Care Like No Other

Many people have never heard of CenteringPregnancy. But this evidence-based model of group prenatal care has led to decreased rates of preterm and low-weight babies, reduced racial disparities in preterm birth and is making a difference in the lives of pregnant women.

CenteringPregnancy is an initiative that brings prenatal care from a rushed exam room to a welcoming group space and demonstrates the importance of group prenatal care. It focuses on the three most important aspects of having a healthy and successful pregnancy: health assessment, education and support.

With a supportive group setting focused on learning, sharing and asking questions, pregnant women who participate in CenteringPregnancy programs receive more attention, time and education in just a few short sessions than in many typical clinical settings. In fact, women who are a part of CenteringPregnancy receive significantly more time with their provider than women who make traditional individual appointments. And studies show improved outcomes for both the mother and her baby.

Regular prenatal care visits can be short, impersonal and frustrating. Through CenteringPregnancy, women share their experiences and build a community that empowers them to be involved in and advocate for their own health care. The women in each group support and get to know each other better during their pregnancy journeys, which allows for friendships and more meaningful connections to be made.

CenteringPregnancy is also the best way for pregnant women to be active in their own health care and that of their babies. In each two-hour session, pregnant women have individual health assessments, Meanwhile, a facilitated discussion takes place with a group of expectant mothers, all with similar due dates. The discussion topics focus on relevant health issues, such as exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding, stress management, new baby care and post-delivery issues.

As a participant noted, “My doctor and nurse would lead the group on various topics, but it wasn't like a class; it was a discussion — a group of pregnant women together on a journey with health care providers invested in our well-being, our health, the health of our babies, and giving us a safe environment to learn the facts that would get us to our goals.” (Learn more here.)

Whether you an expectant mother or are just considering being a mother one day, CenteringPregnancy is an initiative to think about – for the health of you and your infant. CenteringPregnancy mothers have proven to have healthier babies and have nearly eliminated racial disparities in pregnancy care. CenteringPregnancy moms also have more confidence and are better prepared for labor, delivery and after-care for their child. And, last but not least, CenteringPregnancy is fun and offers priceless benefits!

CenteringPregnancy is changing the way that women receive their prenatal care and it is benefiting their health in unimaginable ways.

Click here to find a CenteringPregnancy location near you!

If you have already participated in CenteringPregnancy, comment below and share your experience!

Posted Monday, November 19, 2018

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