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Our Wellness Network: Helping People Work Through Pain

Posted July 22, 2020 in Articles

Author: TC Lewis, Host of WOVU's Our Voices Today

Listen to the live interview here

WOVU 95.9 FM-LP is a community radio station that is an enterprise of Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc. (BBC), the nonprofit community development corporation serving Cleveland’s Central and Kinsman neighborhoods. WOVU provides a vehicle to connect people to valuable information and resources through on-air broadcasting and associated social media platforms.

WOVU's TC Lewis, host of Our Voices Today, spent the morning of July 22nd speaking with representatives from Our Wellness Network (OWN), a program launched through First Year Cleveland's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Committee in June 2020. OWN was formed to provide Black community members with the support they need to manage depression, anxiety and stress before, during and even after pregnancy in an effort to improve maternal and infant health outcomes.

OWN team lead, Tracy Carter, was joined by Danyell Goggans, lead therapist, and Sam Pierce, peer support specialist, to discuss the genesis of Our Wellness Network, the grief recovery process that is utilized by the team, and its goals for the Black community.

The program runs approximately 45 minutes, with a mid-interview break for station notifications. We strongly encourage you to tune in to this powerful and informative interview.

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