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Home Solutions Addressing Extreme Prematurity Access to Prenatal Care

Access to Prenatal Care

Proper prenatal care can improve birth outcomes and help babies live longer, healthier lives. Home visitors are educating expectant parents on resources to help them have a healthy pregnancy and a thriving baby. 

To reduce extreme prematurity in Cuyahoga County, First Year Cleveland (FYC) is working with our home visiting and prenatal care workers to ensure that expectant parents can obtain the resources they need and encourage them to talk to their medical providers to see if they are eligible for a medical intervention called 17P. 

17P is a progesterone that helps women who have experienced a preterm birth prevent another preterm birth from occurring. At FYC, we understand the value of 17P and recognize that it can help reduce extreme prematurity and the infant mortality rate in our community. Learn more about 17P here

FYC Action Team 5, led by Lisa Matthews and Angela Newman White of the Cuyahoga-Cleveland Ohio Equity Institute, works with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, the Ohio Department of Health, the Academy of Medicine, the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative and the local Ohio Equity Institute to improve eligible mothers’ access to 17P by educating home visitors on the hormone and its benefits.

Additionally, FYC Action Team 5 links, aligns and coordinates home visits and faith-based programs to other resources that will positively impact pregnant mothers’ prenatal care and birth outcomes.

These resources include:

Finally, FYC Action Team 5 will encourage home visitors to consider a patient-centered care initiative when visiting with pregnant mothers to help them adopt best prenatal care practices.

Overall, improving the prenatal care of pregnant mothers in Cuyahoga County will allow them to have healthier pregnancies and babies.


Progesterone treatment to help prevent premature birth 

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