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Engagement and Public Policy

First Year Cleveland's Engagement and Public Policy agenda leverages community input as well as local, national and qualitative research with local and state leaders.

Engagement & Public Policy Agenda

Based on expertise, local and national research, and qualitative research with local and state leaders in infant mortality, 13 Engagement and Public Policy Agenda items have been established for First Year Cleveland (FYC). These agenda items fall within four categories:

1.    Public Engagement

  • Further engage the public sector around social determinants of health
  • Activate FYC stakeholders to advocate and educate
  • Develop a community of residents prepared and motivated to use civic engagement

2.    System Financing

  • Expand Medicaid reimbursement options and increase reimbursement rates to include services that reduce infant mortality
  • Identify new or existing billing codes and episodes that will cover services shown to reduce infant mortality
  • Increase funding from federal or state resources
  • Require the inclusion of a social determinant of health within Medicaid and managed care organization contract agreements

3.    Social Determinants of Health

  • Increase access to transportation
  • Explore or promote paid family and medical leave
  • Improve the quality of affordable housing
  • Support Ohio criminal justice reform efforts through passage of The Safe and Healthy Communities ballot initiative

4.    Maternal and Child Health and Well-Being 

  • Support enforcement and expansion of Tobacco 21
  • Support reproductive health and justice

The Engagement and Public Policy Agenda, along with supporting data and rationale, are outlined in the Roadmap.

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