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Fatherhood Programs in Cuyahoga County

Involved dads have a direct impact on their children’s lives. They help promote their children’s inner growth and self-confidence, and studies have shown that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it greatly affects a child’s cognitive and social development. Children who grow up with involved dads are more likely to earn good grades in school, and twice as likely to go to college and find stable employment after high school. 

A number of programs are available to dads throughout Cuyahoga County through the Fatherhood Initiative. These programs help prepare men to meet the emotional, psychological, and financial needs of their children, and encourage fathers to play a more active role in nurturing and raising their children. Through these programs, dads will learn positive parenting skills, appropriate discipline, effective communication, emotional support, and stress management, all of which can reduce risk factors for child abuse and increase protective factors.

Programs offered through the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative include: 

Boot Camp for New Dads: Program funded by the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative focused on parenting skills. Learn more

Dads Count Program: Program provides fathers and father figures a venue to interact with their children in activities based around the topics in which fathers are especially effective role models. Learn more

Fathers and Families Together: Program funded by the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative focused on parenting skills. Learn more

Healthy Fathers Program: Program engages fathers in school based fatherhood programming at three K-8 CMSD schools. Learn more

Jobs for Dads: The Passages program provides counseling, job referral/employment readiness services, and development of individualized plans. Learn more

Prevention of Premature Fatherhood: This program targets teen males aged 12-17 to prevent premature fatherhood with a curriculum that is intertwined with after-school community events for male youth and families. Learn more

Rising Above Program: This is a Workforce Development/Training program at Career Development and Placement Strategies aimed at non-custodial fathers. Learn more

Strong Fathers Murtis Taylor Fatherhood Initiative Program: Program funded by the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative focused on parenting skills. Learn more

Towards Employment’s Networks 4 Success Fatherhood Program: Networks 4 Success Fatherhood provides comprehensive job preparation training and employment components with a Fathers Group. Learn more

“Safe & Sound” Supervised Visitation Program: The Supervised Visitation Program provides services for families currently mandated to participate in a supervised visitation program through the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center. Learn more

For more information, visit the Fatherhood Initiative online or call 216-348-3967.

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