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Families, Caregivers & Community

Friends, family members and caregivers can find resources here that will help ensure that every baby has the opportunity to celebrate his or her first birthday.

If you have a baby in your life, you want to do everything you can to keep that baby safe, happy and healthy. Whether you are a grandparent, daycare provider or other caregiver, these resources can provide you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in caring for the babies in your life. 


Explore First Year Cleveland’s programs and learn what our twelve action teams are doing to create solutions around our three priority areas of reducing racial disparities, addressing extreme prematurity and eliminating sleep-related deaths.

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Safe Sleep Tips

Learn the ABCDs of safe sleep: Babies should always sleep ALONE, on their BACK, in a CRIB and have caregivers that DON’T smoke.


Reduce Exposure to Lead: Tips for Keeping You and Baby Safe

Ensuring lead-safe environments and preventing any exposure to lead in children should be one of your top priorities. We've included tips for reducing hazards, information about how exposure to lead in pregnancy can cause harm, symptoms of lead poisoning and more.


Decrease Exposure to Smoking

By decreasing infants' exposure to smoking, you can help prevent sleep-related infant deaths and help more babies see their first birthday. 


Get Help to Quit Smoking

Exposure to cigarette smoke and tobacco products puts babies at risk. At First Year Cleveland, we encourage family members and all those who come into contact with infants to quit smoking. Ohio Tobacco Quit Line can help. 


Looking for resources like cribs or other baby needs?

United Way offers assistance finding resources you may need to help give the new baby in your life a good start.

Simply call 2-1-1 anytime, day or night, or use their 24-hour online chat service.

United Way 2-1-1 Help Center provides free and confidential 24-hour access to a compassionate professional who will review your options for help, develop a plan and act as your advocate if you are faced with barriers to service. Simply dial 2-1-1 or chat online for assistance. Se habla Espanol.


If you or your organization would like to become involved in the work of First Year Cleveland, please contact us or learn about the many ways you can help be a part of the solution to save our babies. 

Ways to Give

Together, we can continue our urgent mission to help every baby in the Greater Cleveland area celebrate a first birthday, and thrive.

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