First Year Cleveland

First Year Cleveland

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Biomedical Research Building
11000 Cedar Avenue - 4th Floor Cleveland, OH 44106

Phone 216-368-4837
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Interested in being part of this community movement to save babies? Here are some ways you can make a difference!

Become a Sponsor

First Year Cleveland welcomes event sponsorships and in-kind items like venues, catering and printing. We also gratefully accept pro-bono or in-kind marketing, advertising or media services. A direct donation of any size is also welcome!

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Help Reverse Bias in the Workplace

Help your organization's board members, leadership and employees learn to recognize how they each view the world through a different lens. First Year Cleveland is building bias training that organizations and individuals can use to help recognize bias in their behavior and thoughts.

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Become a Safe Sleep Hero

Ask your organization’s human resources team to offer First Year Cleveland’s Safe Sleep Heroes training to all employees, along with health and wellness incentives to support it. This short training explains the why and how behind the ABCDs of Safe Sleep: Alone, on their Back, in an empty Crib and Don’t smoke.

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Attend our Community Action Council Meetings

Our community-driven council of more than 400 people from over 100 organizations meets quarterly to inform the work of First Year Cleveland. We invite anyone interested in the health of Cuyahoga County to become part of this valuable team.

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Join in the conversation on social media

Follow us on all your favorite social media, and share your voice in this community movement.

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