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First Year Cleveland

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Biomedical Research Building
11000 Cedar Avenue - 4th Floor Cleveland, OH 44106

Phone 216-368-4837
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By learning and sharing information about issues like infant mortality, important organizations like yours can help develop solutions and drive change.

Our systems support our community, and these systems — business, health care, education, transportation, nonprofit, financial and government organizations — have the power to help address some of the most pressing challenges though their employees and policies.


Explore First Year Cleveland’s programs and learn what our twelve action teams are doing to create solutions around our three priority areas of reducing racial disparities, addressing extreme prematurity and eliminating sleep-related deaths. 

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If you or your organization would like to become involved with First Year Cleveland, please contact us or learn about the many ways you can help be a part of the solution to save our babies. 

Ways to Give

Together, we can continue our urgent mission to help every baby in the Greater Cleveland area celebrate a first birthday, and thrive.

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